• History of a Guitar
    A guitar is one of the most popular musical instruments of all times, which has been used by many nationalities for centuries. It is used in various music genres both as a sole instrument and the one, which is also used by bands.

The history of guitar goes back to ancient times, when the people of Egypt, India, Babylonia and other countries of the world used handmade instruments resembling guitars to play their native local motives. These musical instruments, however, were not like those we use today. They looked quite weird and had different sounding. Nabla and cither - these were the names of the first guitars mankind created thousands of years ago. These instruments were quite popular at those times and some people even considered them mystic devices that produced various sounds. 

Guitars were first brought to Europe in the 6th century. This was a Latin guitar brought by the Arabs. It is considered that the very word “guitar” is the combination of two Arab words, which are translated in English as “music” and “string”. The first guitars had three and four strings, but later they gained worldwide popularity and became available in a variety of types, shapes and characteristics. The first 5-string guitar appeared in the 16th century and this was a well-known Spanish guitar. The 6-string guitars appeared in the 18th century and they were considered much more convenient, having positive effect upon the sounding. 7-string guitars were first introduced in Russia in the 19th - 20th centuries. These are known as Russian guitars by this time.

As of today, a guitar is one of the most popular musical instrument in the world. Times change, but the popularity of this instrument remains almost unchanged. Take your time to learn as much as you can about guitars and try your best effort to learn to play this musical instrument to impress your friends and family and to gain real pleasure that cannot be compared to any feelings you can get when playing other musical instruments!