• Electric Guitars
    The choice of an electric guitar may have serious impact upon the sounding. Thus, you have to be aware of the existing popular types of these musical instruments as each of them comes with specific features, characteristics, visual appeal, designs, s

Fender-Style Electric Guitars

Fender-Style guitars come with lighter wood tones and bolt-on necks. They are mainly manufactured of alder and maple, which contributes to their quality and visual appeal. These guitars are lightweight and it’s quite easy to play them. Mastering Fender-style guitars doesn't take much time as well. You don’t have to be a tech pro to fix the parts of the guitar in case of necessity or adjust the settings. Once you have learnt to play it, you will cope with the musical instrument on your own further. At the same time, these guitars are quite loud and many superstars use them during their performances.

Solid-Body Electric Guitars

Solid-body electric guitars are the most popular and widely-used in the contemporary music industry. The first renowned guitar of this type was the Fender Broadcaster. As time went by, however, it developed into Telecaster. The guitar is much easier to master and play as compared to other types of electric guitars. This is due to its simple design, light weight and acoustic characteristics. Solid-body electric guitars are generally manufactured of a flat piece of wood, which is cut into a guitar-shaped instrument based on your personal needs and dimensions. Thus, there is a rich variety of shapes of solid-body electric guitars available on sale these days so that you could choose the one that ideally fits your needs. 

Hollow-Body Electric Guitars

Hollow-body electric guitars were among the first electric guitars musicians used in public to give their performances excellent and unusual sounding. This happened at the beginning of the 1930s, but nothing special has changed since that time. Hollow-body guitars remained popular, but their features, characteristics and designs have changed with the lapse of time. Previously, these guitars were very big and uncomfortable for playing them. They came with  f-holes to simplify acoustic amplification and they had to be plugged into external systems to be used to the advantage. Today, Hollow-body guitars are not the same they used to be dozens of years ago. Even though, you can still find the samples of those times, the majority of these electric guitars have become more comfortable, which does not compromise with their quality and sounding. 

Gibson-Style Guitars

Gibson-style guitars are quite convenient for musicians of any expertise level. They have a shorter scale length, due to which the sound becomes warmer. Gibson guitars are basically manufactured of tonewoods with nice resonant properties. These is primarily mahogany, which is used for the production of neck and body of this musical instrument. Unlike other guitars, necks are not bolted, but glued to the decks. Experts state that if something happens with this guitar type, it’s possible to fix the problem on your own, without the need to address the professionals. This is true, though, if the problem is not too serious.